Creative Compendium
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Creative Compendium

The CREATIVE COMPENDIUM is an amazing online collection of ART RESOURCES that will give you the tools you need to get where you want to goIt's a membership program that allows you to navigate the entire library of resources in a way that suits YOUR needs. 
Why would I want this?
You don't have to buy each class individually OR proceed in a specific order. 
You can jump to what you need NOW and build those skills on your own schedule. 

Membership Includes...
  • SUPPORT in Office Hours, an open forum Q&A session via live zoom.  
    • OPEN Office Hours 
      The 2nd Friday of each month.
      From 4:00-5:00pm mountain time. 
    • Get your questions answered even if you can't attend by submitting a question and reviewing the replay.
  • COURSES a wide variety of courses that is growing all the time!
      • Identifying Artistic Success
      • Strategies for Studio Productivity
      • Unlock Self-Awareness
      • Creating Powerful Goals
      • Writing Your Artist Statement & Biography
  • 30-min. COFFEE CHATan opportunity to talk to me one-on-one to discuss how to approach these resources in the best way for YOUR goals. This is NOT a sales call but an introduction and welcome!
  • MONTHLY TOPICS each month I will have a THEME, supporting information and resources about that idea. This is an opportunity to deep dive into a topic. 
  • COMMUNITY CONNECTION as we get going, we will have a private community on my website that can share ideas and discuss the topic. But of course we need those founding members first.  :)

So, I am accepting FOUNDING MEMBERS at a reduced rate!

  • The regular price will be 47.00month or 470.00year (save 2 months!) 
  • Founding Member price will be 32.00 month 320.00 year (save 2 months).
    • This will be a locked in price for ALL Founding Members!
    • I have limited spots available at this price before transitioning to the regular price, grab yours today!
COURSES you will find Inside!
picture of key on wood with course title & description: Identifying Artistic Success

illustration of key unlocking brain with course title & description: Unlock Self-Awareness

picture of crumpled paper and spiral notebook with course title & description: Writing Your Artistic Statement & Bio

picture of line of paintbrushes with paint on tips with course title & description: Studio Productivity

picture of man with hiking backpack walking towards sunrise with course title & description: Creating Powerful Goals

picture of microphone on wood table with course title & description: Style & Artistic Voice
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