Art Coaching
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Are you feeling stuck? Has your art fallen by the wayside? Do you need some motivation and direction? All artists go through periods where they struggle with their work or intention and when that happens they often find themselves avoiding the studio. Sound familiar? Don’t wait any longer, start today!
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It can be hard to see what is right in front of us and sometimes we need a new perspective. We often get distracted by all of the things going on in our lives and lose sight of our artistic goals. I am here to help you re-focus on your art and art practice. 
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We all can use a little guidance. It’s frustrating to not know what you want. Because of course we want it all! However, that’s not a specific enough direction to really get anywhere. You will never arrive at a destination if you don’t pick one first!
This Session Includes
The Strategy Session is a 90-minute intensive Q&A meeting. During this session you may ask any questions you have in regard to your art, studio practice, and the direction of your art career.

  • We will discuss how you define artistic success and identify your direction & focus moving forward.
  • I will give you a portfolio review of selected artwork.
  • 1-Month FREE access to the CREATIVE COMPENDIUM. 
    • This amazing online collection of art resources will give you the tools you need!
    • This is a membership program that you can join after the free month. 
  • You will also receive a recording of our session.
  • BONUS! The Creativity Planner
The Steps

The cost of the STRATEGY SESSION is $285.00
Isn’t it time to invest in your creative future?

Who is this for? 
This session is best for those…
  • who need a boost to get started
  • who want to talk things out with a professional creative (who's been there)
  • who want to see if art coaching is what you are looking for
To see if this is for you sign up for a FREE Discovery Call!
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Gaining clarity on your true goals and next steps feels amazing. Knowing you are doing what you feel called to do in a very intentional way helps us put all our energy where we really want it most —into our creative work. I am a GUIDE in artistic discovery & development, and I am here to help you explore your authentic creativity!

Why work with Kristi?

Because of her experience & expertise!

Kristi has over 18+ years of teaching experience as an art professor in higher education. She has taught a wide range of art studio and art history courses. 

She is also a certified Magnetic Coach® and a certified member of the IBCP (International Board of Coaches and Practitioners).

Kristi truly enjoys working with creative minds and can assist at any point of your artistic development whether you are just getting started or have years of experience and need some direction and guidance.

    “Kristi is very dedicated to her clients. She is great at analyzing work and helping to give direction. She is also very supportive and honest. I have really enjoyed getting to know her and I always feel like she is in my court! She has really helped me move forward in my art practice with passion and confidence in my work and direction."
Judith --artist
    “I love Kristi! Not only did she stretch me by exposing me to art concepts that I might not have otherwise encountered and that now I really enjoy doing, but she worked with me and my particular skills and vision. She is an extremely knowledgeable artist and teacher, and I highly recommend her!"
Rebecca --artist

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