I am an ARTIST 

This is an identity I claimed as a child and never let go. I am fascinated by culture and the human experience, especially that of pre-industrial and non-western societies. My artwork explores culture and I create sculptural artifacts from imagined civilizations.


Creativity is a basic human characteristic and too many of us lose touch with our own creative nature. I believe that art and art-making belong to everyone and I want to share what I've learned to help people find and express their own artistic voice. I use ‘voice’ intentionally as art is communication and it's important to learn the language in order to clearly express oneself. I'm here to aid in navigating that journey and am passionate about helping artists explore and express their own creativity. 

Experienced Art Instructor
I received my BFA from University of Nebraska at Omaha and my Masters from the University of Montana at Missoula. I have been teaching in higher education for 18+ years, 12 of those at the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. I teach a wide variety of classes including studio art and art history

I am a Certified Magnetic Coach® as well as a Certified Member of the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners. I hold the following certifications…
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner 
  • Life & Success Coach 
  • Time Techniques Practitioner 
  • Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
NLP is about learning how to use the language of the mind to produce behavior that ultimately achieves our desired outcomes.
  • Neuro (nervous system, filtered through senses)
  • Linguistic (language systems, both verbal & non-verbal)
  • Programming (mental programs)
Life & Success Coach
Success Coaching is a relationship with a certified coach geared toward your ultimate empowerment. Coaches are trained in helping you do the following:
  • Evaluate your current situation
  • Create outcomes and goals for the future
  • Assist you in anticipating and overcoming obstacles
  • Helping you to stay accountable in taking the steps needed for success
Time Techniques Practitioner
TIME Techniques is Time Integration for Maximum Empowerment™ Techniques. TIME Techniques™ is a collection of techniques for eliminating negative emotions, disempowering beliefs and limiting decisions from the past, while creating and setting achievable, desirable goals to create a compelling future. TIME Techniques™ also addresses the way we perceive time, both semantically and neurologically.
Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner
Hypnotherapy is a method of speaking to the inner-most part of your mind - your subconscious - to eliminate old habits and behaviors and to generate new, beneficial behaviors.

Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a therapy technique loosely based on the techniques of acupuncture or acupressure. It uses the same basic energy meridians in the body to eliminate physical, emotional and mental issues. With EFT, we balance the energy system of the body to relieve issues.

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