I help creatives whose talent was sidelined
for 'the real world', recommit to their art 
so they can enrich their life by 
making the ART they always 
knew was possible. 

You used to LOVE making ART, but LIFE happened
and now you feel...
You have this need to create. Isn't it time you honored that?

How do you add art to the life you have now? 

Where in the world would you even start? Is it too late?

Hi, I'm Kristi
I get it, I've been there and this is totally normal. Creative people are multi-faceted, and we tend to put ourselves and our passions last. Making space for creativity in your life requires a bit more effort than simply putting it on your to-do list. It can require some support, intention, and strategy to make it happen. 
As a certified art coach and college art professor with 18 years’ experience I have some amazing tools and strategies to get you back to creating! I can meet you wherever you are in your art journey, and would love to help you add more art to the world! Let's talk!

Add Creativity to Your Life
Signature Coaching Program

In this program we build a framework that will define and protect your creative space. Investigate and learn more about YOU and your ART. Then, develop and ignite a creative process that supports your art making.

YOU Can Start Making the ART 
You've Always Dreamed of
in JUST 3 Steps!
1. Book Your Call

2. Learn the Strategies

3. Get Results!

If you just HAVE to get started today I have just the thing...
Take my 3-Step Challenge to JUMPSTART Your Creativity!!

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