How do I know if MAKE ART is for me? 
Well let me ask you....
picture of maze with arrow showing exit
It’s easy to get off track. Perhaps you made a responsible choice, or life interrupted, or you just got stuck. Take a look at where you are, is this where you want to be? 
If so, wonderful! But if not, it’s time for a change!

It’s time to start YOUR authentic creative journey.
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It’s my belief that creativity is a basic human characteristic
But some of us are called to make it more —this is a gift and a responsibility. 

Are you honoring your creativity? 

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It can be hard to know which way to go, especially if you have multiple interests. You want to do it all and end up going nowhere. I can tell you that picking any direction is better than nothing but picking the right direction… priceless. You have the answers, and I can help you find them!
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Has it been awhile and you don't know where to start?
I can help. Together we will figure out where you are and where you want to go and determine your steps to get there! 

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Are you stuck? Do you feel like you have TRIED EVERYTHING and just have no idea what to do next? This is completely normal! We often just need an outside viewpoint with an experienced perspective. A little guidance can be incredibly helpful. 
I'm Here & Ready to Help! 
picture of neon sign that says "this is the sign you've been looking for"
The universe is giving you an answer! 
No matter how you respond to that call, pay attention. Use this as an opportunity to recommit to your art & art practice

Engage more with what you really want, follow your creativity!
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You are FULL of amazing ideas, that's what makes you artistic. But sometimes you need help working through blocks or figuring out how an idea will work. You need insightful feedback on your work and some guidance from an experienced perspective. 

I can provide the feedback & assistance you need!
picture of sidewalk with the word "happiness" and an arrow pointing
Increase YOUR Happiness by Adding ART to Your Life
We are often told that art is self-indulgent or not realistic.    ....WHAT? 

It's YOUR life and you get to choose how to spend it. 
If you want to pursue your art this is your opportunity! There are so many ways this can look. We will find a way that works for you and your life.         
Follow your passion to happiness!
This 5-Month Coaching Package Includes...
  • 10  50-Minute Sessionsthat meet every other week
  • Access to the Online Learning Resource for 1 year
    • This online space houses the courses & resources we will use in the coaching program.
  • Recordings of our sessions.
  • Unlimited email support during coaching program (5 months).
The Program Steps
In just 3 steps you will be making the art you always dreamed you could!

Step 1:  Framework
We build a framework that will define and protect your creative space. No more, ‘I don’t have time,’ ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘I don’t know where to start,’ or the ‘I should be doing something else’ guilt. We identify WHY you want to make art, get rid of the junk holding you back, and create time and space for art making. Your WHY is your motivator, understanding this helps you keep creating when things get tough. Then you carve out concrete times to create that align with your schedule and life. Imagine seeing that studio time waiting for you on your calendar!

Step 2:  Investigate
We investigate and learn more about YOU and your ART. Discover how you think and work. When are you the most productive or creative? What inspires or demotivates you? We also examine your art. What is your media, subject, concept, and style? Yes, you can be multi-passionate. But what’s your secret sauce? Perhaps you do seascapes in oil, portraits in acrylic, throw pots on the wheel, weave abstract tapestries, collage in multi-media, take nature photography, carve animal sculptures, or weld geometric metal forms. We’ll analyze the details so we can craft your big picture and better understand how everything works together. This awareness will allow you to create art with intention and confidence. Sound intimidating? No worries! We start wherever you are, no experience required. Imagine giving yourself the time to finally explore all your ideas!

Step 3:  Ignite
We develop and ignite a creative process that supports your art making. Designing a system with customized strategies that will get you moving forward! Techniques like forming a creative mindset, building routines and how to blast through creative blocks. Art belongs to everyone, but for you it’s always been more. Art is part of who you are. It's not about showing or selling but creating. We will also explore long term goals. Right now, your focus is on making art, but once your practice is in place, showing your work or getting involved in an artistic community could be future goals. NOW is the time to concentrate on realizing your creative potential by giving yourself the tools you need to make art part of your life! You owe it to yourself, so let’s build a new ‘real world’ reality!

What You WILL Achieve!
If you commit to this journey you will achieve the following...
  • Build confidence in yourself and your art. KNOW your work is strong and that you are honoring your gifts.
  • A place for art in your life. We will figure out how to carve that out, and how this works in YOUR life!
  • A set art practice. Some personal guidelines for consistently working on your art. Making and fulfilling that commitment to yourself!
  • A strong and consistent body of work. This may include multiple bodies of work if you are multi-passionate. We will identify what your artistic voice looks like and create consistency in your art in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Learn how to talk about the role art has in your life with CONFIDENCE. HOW you talk about your art matters. How do you discuss it with your family, friends, and new people? How does this feel now? Do you feel like you have to make excuses or justify and downplay what you do? No more!
  • Identify what you want to DO with your art. This could be showing, or selling, or teaching others your technique. It could also be simply making art for the JOY of it, YOU get to decide. You will identify your primary goal and begin working towards that goal. Clarity in what you want to achieve. Setting goals and identifying what you what to accomplish and a path to move in that direction. 
  • Alignment with your creative identity. You will be honoring your creative gifts and making space to create the art that feeds your soul. 
  • Better understanding of yourself as a creative. How do you function best? What inspires you? What drains you? How can you move through a block and what support can you build for yourself?
The cost of this coaching package is $1800.00   (OR 4 payments of 500.00)
Isn’t it time to invest in YOUR creative future?

To see if THIS is for YOU sign up for a FREE Discovery Call!
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You TOTALLY deserve this. Take the opportunity to give your art some serious focus. Make it a priority and see where that takes you. Explore the amazing journey of your artistic path. This program will enhance your art and your life! 
I am a GUIDE in artistic discovery & development, and I am here to help you explore YOUR authentic creativity!

Why work with me?

Because of my experience & expertise!

I have over 18+ years of teaching experience as an art professor in higher education. I have taught a wide range of art studio and art history courses. 

I am also a certified Magnetic Coach® and a certified member of the IBCP (International Board of Coaches and Practitioners).

I truly enjoy working with creative minds and can assist at any point of your artistic development whether you are just getting started or have years of experience and need some direction and guidance.

    “Kristi is very dedicated to her clients. She is great at analyzing work and helping to give direction. She is also very supportive and honest. I have really enjoyed getting to know her and I always feel like she is in my court! She has really helped me move forward in my art practice with passion and confidence in my work and direction."
Judith --artist
    “I love Kristi! Not only did she stretch me by exposing me to art concepts that I might not have otherwise encountered and that now I really enjoy doing, but she worked with me and my particular skills and vision. She is an extremely knowledgeable artist and teacher, and I highly recommend her!"
Rebecca --artist

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