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Add Creativity to Your Life
I help soul tired individuals reclaim their creative identity to enhance their experience & bring joy into their life. 

First, we build a framework that will define and protect your creative space. Second, we investigate and learn more about YOU and your ART. Finally, we develop and ignite a creative process that supports your art making!
How do I know if MAKE ART is for me? 
Well let me ask you....

1.  Does it feel like you have nothing to look forward to? 
2.  Do you wonder if the hamster wheel of "to-do's" is all there is?
It may be that you are not doing enough activity that brings enriching energy in. We often overlook how small amounts of something can add up to make a big difference. Adding creativity can bring engagement and new energy into your daily life. AND give you something to look forward to! 
3.  Is there a creative activity that you used to love and long to try again?
4.  Is there a creative activity that you always wanted to try but never attempted?
I know you're smart enough to teach yourself. There’s a ton of information out there already. But sometimes it’s just lovely when someone has it all figured out and is ready to guide you, so you can just focus on the experience. 
5.  Has it been a while and you just don't know where to start?
6.  Have you tried starting but all you feel is frustration?
I'm sure you are totally proficient at a lot of things in your life. It’s hard to start something new and not know everything... I know that sounds ridiculous right? But admit it, you want 'out of the gate' amazing results... who doesn’t? That may not be realistic but some guidance & a clear path will get you there much faster!  
7.  Does it feel like creativity just isn’t all that important? 
8.  Does it feel selfish to make time for creativity?
It’s easy to justify time to work out, make meals, and clean the house. But how do you justify creativity? Isn’t that an extra, like a vacation? 
The truth is yes and no. Yes, in the sense that most people do perceive it as an extra and it will not sustain you alone. HOWEVER, if you look at the long list of benefits on my home page, the answer is clearly no, it’s not an extra! Those benefits themselves justify the importance of creativity

Additionally, don’t you deserve something fun & rewarding in your life? (The answer is YES!)
9.  What if I don't have any talent?
10.  What if I don't have any ideas? 

First, it's my belief (backed by anthropology) that creativity is a human characteristic. So that means we ALL have the potential! It's natural not to know where to start. That's why a coach is so helpful. I can help you discover your interests and find a style that feels authentic to you & your experience

This is your opportunity to pursue Creativity
There are so many ways this can look. 
We will find a way that works for YOU & YOUR LIFE. 
The Program Steps
In just 3 steps you will be creating the art you always dreamed you could!
Step 1:  Framework
We build a framework that will define and protect your creative space. 
No more, ‘I don’t have time,’ ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘I don’t know where to start,’ or the ‘I should be doing something else’ guilt. 

We identify WHY you want to make art, get rid of the junk holding you back, and create time and space for art making. Your WHY is your motivator, understanding this helps you keep creating when things get tough. 

Then you carve out concrete times to create that align with your schedule and life. Imagine seeing that studio time waiting for you on your calendar!
Step 2:  Investigate
We investigate and learn more about YOU & your ART. 
Discover how you think and work. When are you the most productive or creative? What inspires or demotivates you? We also examine your art. What is your media, subject, concept, and style? 

Yes, you can be multi-passionate. But what’s your secret sauce? Perhaps you do seascapes in oil, portraits in acrylic, throw pots on the wheel, weave abstract tapestries, collage in multi-media, take nature photography, carve animal sculptures, or weld geometric metal forms. 

We’ll analyze the details so we can craft your big picture and better understand how everything works together. This awareness will allow you to create art with intention & confidence. Sound intimidating? No worries! 

We start wherever you are, no experience required. Imagine giving yourself the time to finally explore all your ideas!

Step 3:  Ignite
We develop and ignite a creative process that supports your art making. 
Designing a system with customized strategies that will get you moving forward! Techniques like forming a creative mindset, building routines and how to blast through creative blocks. 

Art belongs to everyone, but for you it’s always been more. Creativity is part of who you are. It's not about showing or selling but CREATING! We will also explore long term goals. Right now, your focus is on making, but once your practice is in place, showing your work or getting involved in an artistic community could be future goals. 

NOW is the time to concentrate on realizing your creative potential by giving yourself the tools you need to make creativity part of your life! You owe it to yourself, so let’s build a new experience!

This 5-Month Coaching Package Includes...
  • 10  50-Minute Sessionsthat meet every other week
  • Access to the Online Learning Resource for 1 year
    • This online space houses the courses & resources we will use in the coaching program.
    • There's an app for this resource!
  • Recordings of our sessions.
  • Unlimited email support during coaching program (5 months).
What You WILL Achieve!
  • Discover your motivation, strategy, & objective for creating. 
  • Identify your personal definition of creative success.
  • Determine & overcome what's holding you back. 
  • Allocate time, money, & space for creativity.
  • Construct healthy boundaries to protect your creative practice. 
  • Build personalized routines & habits that enhance your creative practice. 
  • Better understand creativity and how to engage it in your life. 
  • Develop a creative voice, style, & direction for your work. 
  • Create powerful goals & productivity strategies that will keep you motivated & inspired
  • Objectively evaluate your work & make revisions to better align with your intention. 
  • Reap the amazing benefits of creativity for your mental & physical health and wellbeing. 
  • Elevate your overall happiness & satisfaction with life. 
To see if THIS is for YOU BOOK A CALL & Let's Chat!
silhouette of woman with fist raised
You TOTALLY deserve this. Take this opportunity to enhance your life! 
Make creativity a priority to reap the benefitsexperience the joy of making!
Explore the amazing journey of a creative life.  

The cost of this coaching package is $1800.00   (OR 4 payments of 500.00)
Isn’t it time to invest in YOUR creative future?
“Kristi is very dedicated to her clients. She is great at analyzing work and helping to give direction. She is also very supportive and honest. I have really enjoyed getting to know her and I always feel like she is in my court! She has really helped me move forward in my art practice with passion and confidence in my work and direction."
 -- Judith 

"Thank you again for the terrific experience. The videos were stellar. Your class was really life changing for me. I will appreciate it forever."
 -- Andrea

“I love Kristi! Not only did she stretch me by exposing me to art concepts that I might not have otherwise encountered and that now I really enjoy doing, but she worked with me and my particular skills and vision. She is an extremely knowledgeable artist and teacher, and I highly recommend her!"
 -- Rebecca 

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