Creativity Planner
Reclaim & Ignite 
YOUR Creativity
with the 

Creativity Planner

in 5 Easy Steps 
Make Space for ART in Your Life!
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Sound familiar?

You used to LOVE making art, but life happened and you’ve taken a moment to reflect on your world and realize it’s been FOREVER since you’ve created anything. You start to feel a bit intimidated and overwhelmed on where to start. 

How do you add art to the life you have NOW?
You want to make art but just feel way too busy to fit it in. Maybe when the kids get a bit older, maybe after we finish this project at work, maybe after the holidays, maybe…

HOLD ON, don’t you deserve to carve some time out for YOU? 
(The answer is YES!)
You haven’t been making art and want to get in more regular studio time. So, you decide you’re going to spend x number of hours in the studio per week, you put it on your calendar to start tomorrow and then…
You get frustrated and as you miss additional calendar prompts you feel more like pulling a blanket over your head than making art. You’re now beating yourself up and avoiding something you actually WANT to do… don’t you? What does this mean? Are you not really creative? 

STOP right there, go no further down THAT rabbit hole!
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I have BEEN THERE. I’ve been in all these places… more times than I want to admit! 
There is NOTHING wrong with you! It’s just that making space for creativity requires more set up than simply putting it on your to-do list. 

You need just some support, intention, and strategy to make this work! 
And I have just what you need to make this happen!
Isn't it time for YOU to make space 

Then this is for you!

Creativity Planner

In 5 Easy Steps 
Reclaim & Revitalize 
YOUR Creativity
picture of planner cover, gray tunnel with rainbow river flowing through

Re-Engage with Your Creative Self!

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