Art Coaching
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It’s easy to get off track. Perhaps you made a responsible choice, or life interrupted, or you just got stuck. Take a look at where you are, is this where you want to be? If so, wonderful! 
But if not, it’s time for a change!

It’s time to start YOUR authentic journey.
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WHY do you make art? 
WHAT do you want to do with your art? 
These are some very important questions that can help you figure out your direction. You will never arrive at a destination if you don’t pick one first!
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It can be hard to know which way to go, especially if you have multiple interests. You want to do it all and end up going nowhere. I can tell you that picking any direction is better than nothing but picking the right direction…priceless. You have the answers, and I can help you find them!
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It’s my belief that creativity is a basic human characteristic
But some of us are called to make it more —this is a gift and a responsibility. 

Are you honoring your creativity? 

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You have a lot of amazing pieces. How do they go together? This can be the hardest part! 
I can help you fill the gaps and construct the bigger picture. You have already done so much and working together we can create that complete picture.

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Are you stuck on a piece, or in the middle of a transition? Do you feel like you have TRIED EVERYTHING and just have no idea what to do next? This is completely normal! We often just need an outside viewpoint with an experienced perspective. 

A little guidance can be incredibly helpful and I guarantee there IS something you haven’t tried and I can help you find it!
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The universe is giving you an answer! 
No matter how you respond to that call, pay attention. Use this as an opportunity to recommit to your art & art practice

Engage more with what you really want, follow your creativity!
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We never FEEL ready but we DO get to a point where we are prepared. You may have shown before or are looking for your first opportunity. We all start somewhere and even experienced artists still feel that hesitation. It is all a matter of assembling those pieces and creating a consistent body of work. 

I can help you prepare.

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You are FULL of amazing ideas, that's what makes you an artist. But sometimes you need help working through blocks or figuring out how an idea will work. You need insightful feedback on your work and some guidance from an experienced perspective. 

I can provide the feedback & assistance you need!
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For most creatives, making art tops that list. 
But we are often told that art is self-indulgent or not realistic.    ....WHAT? 

It's YOUR life and you get to choose how to spend it. 
If you want to pursue your art this is your opportunity! There are so many ways this can look. We will find a way that works for you and your life.         
Follow your passion to happiness!
This 9-Month Coaching Package Includes...
This package STARTS with a Strategy Session. 
A 90-minute intensive Q&A meetingDuring this session you may ask any questions you have in regard to your art, studio practice, and the direction of your art career. We will discuss how you define artistic success and identify your direction & focus moving forward. 

After this session you will receive a STRATEGIC PLAN that outlines YOUR individual pathway through the program
Including all the goals you have identified and the specific resources you will need to support this journey.

This package CONTINUES with...
  • 17 More 60-Minute Sessionsthat meet every other week
  • We will review and focus on the goals & work from the Strategic Plan
  • FREE access to the CREATIVE COMPENDIUM for the duration of the package (9-months).
    • This amazing online collection of art resources will give you the tools you need to support your goals!
    • This is a membership program that you can join after the free period. 
  • Recordings of our sessions.
  • Unlimited email support during coaching program.
  • BONUS! The Creativity Planner
The Steps

What You WILL Achieve!
If you commit to this journey you will achieve the following...
  • Build confidence in yourself and your art. KNOW your work is strong and that you are honoring your gifts.
  • A place for art in your life. We will figure out how to carve that out, and how this works in YOUR life!
  • A set art practice. Some personal guidelines for consistently working on your art. making and fulfilling that commitment to yourself!
  • A strong and consistent body of work. This may include multiple bodies of work if you are multi-passionate. We will identify what your artistic voice looks like and create consistency in your art in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Professional habits like record keeping and budgeting. Inventory your work, learn what it takes to make your work in both time and money to create a realistic budget and price for your art. 
  • Develop an artist statement and bio. You will prepare a professional dialogue for your art. Even if you are not interested in showing, this process gives the artist a deep clarity on their work. 
  • Learn how to talk about the role art has in your life with CONFIDENCE. HOW you talk about your art matters. How do you discuss it with your family, friends, and new people? How does this feel now? Do you feel like you have to make excuses or justify and downplay what you do? No more!
  • Identify what you want to DO with your art. This could be showing, or selling, or teaching others your technique. It could also be simply making art for the JOY of it, YOU get to decide. You will identify your primary goal and begin working towards that goal. Clarity in what you want to achieve. Setting goals and identifying what you what to accomplish and a path to move in that direction. 
    • Specific results depend on the goal. Resources are available for each path. 
      • example: how & where to apply for shows
      • example: how to teach your specialty
      • example: how to start marketing your work
  • Alignment with your creative identity. You will be honoring your creative gifts and making space to create the art that feeds your soul. 
  • Better understanding of yourself as a creative. How do you function best? What inspires you? What drains you? How can you move through a block and what support can you build for yourself?
The cost of the JOURNEY package is $3575.00   (OR 9 payments of 400.00)
Isn’t it time to invest in YOUR creative future?

Who is this for? 
This program is best for creatives who want to take their art to the next level. It requires passion and dedication which will enhance your ART & your LIFE!

To see if THIS is for YOU sign up for a FREE Discovery Call!
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You TOTALLY deserve this. Take the opportunity to give your art some serious focus. Make it a priority and see where that takes you. Explore the amazing journey of your artistic path. This program will enhance your art and your life! I am a GUIDE in artistic discovery & development, and I am here to help you explore your authentic creativity!

Why work with Kristi?

Because of her experience & expertise!

Kristi has over 18+ years of teaching experience as an art professor in higher education. She has taught a wide range of art studio and art history courses. 

She is also a certified Magnetic Coach® and a certified member of the IBCP (International Board of Coaches and Practitioners).

Kristi truly enjoys working with creative minds and can assist at any point of your artistic development whether you are just getting started or have years of experience and need some direction and guidance.

    “Kristi is very dedicated to her clients. She is great at analyzing work and helping to give direction. She is also very supportive and honest. I have really enjoyed getting to know her and I always feel like she is in my court! She has really helped me move forward in my art practice with passion and confidence in my work and direction."
Judith --artist
    “I love Kristi! Not only did she stretch me by exposing me to art concepts that I might not have otherwise encountered and that now I really enjoy doing, but she worked with me and my particular skills and vision. She is an extremely knowledgeable artist and teacher, and I highly recommend her!"
Rebecca --artist

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