Showing Work
There is a lot that goes into both preparation FOR & exhibiting IN shows. Learn what you need to start showing your work!

This course covers pricing, taking photos, prepping work, packing & shipping, business insurance, art venues, how to find & schedule shows, show applications and art communities.

This course includes...
9 Modules
10 Videos
     Video 0: 00.55   Intro!
     Video 1: 29.04   Princing
     Video 2: 13.56   Taking Photos
     Video 3: 05.20   Prepping Work
     Video 4: 24.11    Packing & Shipping
     Video 5: 04.22   Business Insurance
     Video 6: 07.46   Art Venues
     Video 7: 02.54   Find & Schedule Shows
     Video 8: 06.10   Show Applications
     Video 9: 04.29   Art Communities
1 Workbook
    Pricing Resource
    Photo Guide
    Project Checklist
    Art Festival Guide
    Online Calls Resource

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