Writing Your Artist Statement & Bio
Write a powerful & engaging artist statement & biography that feel both authentic & professional.    

Writing your Artist Statement and Bio can be a daunting endeavor. Artists need this content all the time and when unprepared, often cobble it together hoping for the best. Your artist statement and bio represent you, your art, and your art career and you want to make them shine! I know, it seems like a lot of pressure, but don’t worry!

This course will give you the tools you need to write strong artist statements and biographies.

The course starts with a questionnaire, to collect all the information you need. Then it introduces some tips and strategies for both artist statements and bios. So you know what to include and how to format the document. Plus, there are also 30+ examples of professional artist statements and bios to give you some perspective. 

This course includes...
2 Modules
2 Videos
     Video 1: 10.41    Artist Statement
     Video 2: 10.46   Biography
1 Workbook
    Identity Questionnaire
    Info_Artist Statement
    Examples_Artist Statement

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