1. Trouble Getting Started

Show Notes
This episode will focus on what causes artists to have trouble getting started on new work and how that resistance results in studio avoidance. We will then discuss 4 simple strategies that will help you engage in your art and get the ball rolling! We will explore several hands-on approaches as well as a more introspective solution. These strategies will get you back in the studio and creating today!

  1. Intro: Episode Summary  00:37
  2. Trouble Getting Started?  01:01
    1. Problems?  
    2. Project Issues
    3. Environment
    4. Insecurity or Distraction
  3. “Start Now” Strategies  02:58
    1. Get hands on   03:10
      1. The Intuitive artist 
      2. The planner
    2. Get into the studio  05:00
      1. Organize, clean, refresh
      2. Inspirational assets
      3. Get out materials
    3. Start outside the studio  07:25
      1. Grab a sketchbook and play
      2. Go to an art museum or gallery
      3. Find fun colorful materials and make a mess!
    4. Discovery Journaling  09:06
      1. Do some journaling to uncover the resistance
      2. It could be related to art
      3. It could be life stuff
      4. Refer to my list of journal prompts!
  4. Summary  12:22
  5. Outro: 12:54

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